Shelby Cadwell

5057 Woodward Ave Ste 9306

Detroit MI 48202



Ph.D, Wayne State University, expected May 2021, English – Film & Media Studies

M.A, Wayne State University, May 2016, English – Film & Media Studies

B.A., 2013, Wayne State University, English – Literature & Culture

A.A., 2010, Jackson Community College, General Studies


Academic Honors 

2017 – 2018        Doretta Burke Sheill Scholarship 

2016 – 2017        Dennis Turner Memorial Scholarship in Film Studies 

2016 – 2017        Doretta Burke Sheill Scholarship 

2015 – current    Graduate Teaching Assistantship – Pilot Program for M.A. Students  

2015 – 2016        Doretta Burke Sheill Scholarship  

2014 – 2015        Graduate Professional Scholarship  

2010 – 2012        Board of Governors Academic Grant  

2006 – 2008        Michigan Merit Award Scholarship  



American Studies Association 

Society for Cinema and Media Studies  

Popular Culture Association 


Professional Experience  

Graduate Teaching Assistant/Professor of Record, Wayne State University, 2015- Current.  

“Introduction to Film,” Film & Media Studies, forthcoming Summer 2018.

“Basic Writing,” Composition, Summer 2016/Fall 2016/Winter 2017/Fall 2017/Winter 2018. 

“APEX: Foundations in Writing,” Composition, Summer 2017 

“Introduction to College Writing,” Composition, Fall 2015/Winter 2016.  


Student Intern, Wayne State University’s Another Chance G.E.D. Program, Winter 2012  

Administrative Support & Conducting Student Surveys  



Teaching Interests  

Film & Media Studies, Composition & Rhetoric, Literature & Culture  


Conference Participation  


Panels & Workshops Moderated 

2018, Roundtable Discussion: “Teaching Get Out,” Pop Culture in/as Speculative Resistance, February 17

2018, “Enacting Power: Fans, Fiction, and Piracy,” Pop Culture in/as Speculative Resistance, February 17

2017, “Image and Power,” Rushton Undergraduate Conference in Language, Literature, and Culture, March 31st 

2017, Audiences, Fandoms, and Reception: A Kino Club 313 Conference, February 16-17th  

-Workshop: “Teaching Fanvids: Selecting and Contextualizing Against Diverse Media          Experiences” 

-Film Screening: For the Love of a Man with producer Joyojeet Pal 

-Workshop: “A Brief History of Marvel Fandom” 

-Keynote Address: “Framing Fan Fiction: Archival Infrastructures as Consent                        Negotiations” 

2016, Knowing Our Students: Teaching of Writing Conference, September 10th  

2016, “Adaptation, Remediation, and Transmedia Storytelling,” Rushton Undergraduate Conference in Language, Literature, and Culture, April 1st  


Roundtable Discussion 

2017, “Forming Fan Communities in Academic Spaces,” Audiences, Fandoms, and Reception: A Kino Club 313 Conference, February 16-17 


Papers Presented 

2018, “Aquatopias & Afrofuturism: Water, Motion, and Myth in Music Videos,” 59th Annual Conference of the Society for Cinema and Media Studies, March 14-18 (forthcoming) 


2017, “‘Stories that hit the world like bombs’: Vertigo’s The Unwritten and the Limits of Dystopia,” MPCA/ACA Conference, October 18-22 


2017, “‘This ain’t that kind of movie, bruv’: Decoding the Politicized Body in Kingsman: The Secret Service,” Visual Culture Symposium: Envisioning the Body Politic(al), April 14th  


2017, “Derailing the System: Reading Bong Joon-ho’s Snowpiercer as Ambicritical Dystopia,” 14th Annual UF Conference on Comics and Graphic Novels: Comics Remixed – Adaptation and Graphic Narrative, April 5-7 


2017, “Western Minds/Eastern Bodies: Reading Liminal Embodiment and Assimilation in the Planet of the Apes Series,” 58th Annual Conference of the Society for Cinema and Media Studies, March 22-26 


2016, “Destigmatizing from Day One: Strategies for Building Mental Health Awareness in the Composition Classroom,” Knowing Our Students: Teaching of Writing Conference, September 10th  


2016, “From Nothing to Nada: The Emergence of a Reconceptualized Proletariat Hero in American Fiction,” Global Movements, Local Stories: Diaspora, Migration, Representation: 14th Annual CMLLC Graduate Forum Conference, April 9th 


2016, “Put Your Stinking Paws On Me, You Damned Dirty Ape: Reading Liminal   Embodiment and Interspecies Relationships in the Planet of the Apes Series” Visual Culture in Context(s): 5th Annual Visual Culture Graduate Symposium, April 7th  


Conferences Organized 

2018, “Pop Culture in/as Speculative Resistance,” February 16-18 

2017, “Audiences, Fandoms, and Receptions: A Kino Club 313 Conference,” February 16-17 


Film Screenings Curated 

2018, Forbidden Planet (Wilcox, 1956), April 13 (forthcoming), with Professor Kevin Deegan-Krause and the Wayne State University Library System


2018, Get Out (Peele, 2017), February 16, followed by a roundtable discussion featuring Professors Lisa Ze Winters, Jonathan Flatley, Ronald E. Brown, and Ph.D candidate Kevin Ball


2018, Blade Runner (Scott, 1982), January 25, with Professor Barrett Watten 


2017, It’s a Wonderful Life (Capra, 1947), December 8 


2017, Black Belt Jones (Clouse, 1974) & Black Dynamite (Sanders, 2009), November 17th, with local comics writer Andre Batts  


2017, White Zombie (Halperin, 1932), October 16th, with Professor Chera Kee and Cinema Detroit  


2017, Exiled (To, 2006), September 29th, with undergraduate student Paul Attard 


2017, Ran (Kurosawa, 1985), April 7th, with undergraduate student Aaron Proudfoot and Profs. Chera Kee and Jaime Goodrich 


2017, Mississippi Grind (Boden & Fleck, 2015), March 31st, with Ph.D candidate Lacey Skorepa 


2017, 13th (Duvernay, 2016), March 3rd  


2016, Cruising (Friedkin, 1980), November 18th, with graduate student Nathaniel Bell 


2016, Misery (Reiner, 1990), October 21st, with Professor Chera Kee and WSU Knit Lit Club 


2015, They Live (Carpenter, 1988), October 23rd  


Departmental Service  

2018, Invited Speaker for ENG 6004: “Teaching APEX 0500,” March 20th (forthcoming) 

2018, Invited Speaker for ENG 6004: “Grading Contracts,” February 6th 

2017, Invited Speaker for ENG 6001: “Utilizing CAPS Resources in the Composition Classroom,” September 27th  

2017, Workshop Moderator: “Mental Health Literacy in the Composition Classroom,” September 8th   

2016-2018, Member, ENG 1010 Course Committee (formerly known as the Basic Writing Task Force) 

2016-2018, Mentor, Composition Program Mentoring Committee 

2016-2018, Member, Composition Learning Community 

2016, Workshop Moderator: “Work/Life Balance,” October 14th  

2016, Workshop Moderator: “English 1010 Grade Norming,” September 23rd   

2014-2015, Member, The President’s Commission on the Status of Women’s Public Relations and Marketing Committee 


Extracurricular Service 

2016-2018, President, Kino Club 313 

2016-2018, Senior Contributor & Editor, Kino Club 313 Film & Media Blog 

2017-2018, Treasurer Video Game Scholarly Interest Group  

2016-2017, Vice President, Wayne State Comics Collective  

2014-2016, Treasurer, Kino Club 313  


Course Software/Technologies 

Blackboard, Piktochart, Prezi, WordPress